• 3 Ways to Protect Chrome Plating Wheels from Winter Wear
    Chrome plating wheels are widely popular because of their sleek, shiny look. Their constant sparkle can make an old pair of wheels look brand new. If not properly cared for chrome plating wheels can lose their shine and become brittle during the winter time. Proper care can protect them from harsh weather and preserve their unique shine.
    Here are three great ways to protect chrome wheels from the bite of winter:

    • Be Proactive. In order to significantly reduce the likelihood of winter damage to your chrome plating wheels, it is important to start preparing for winter before it arrives. If you have a spare set of wheels, you can avoid damage to your chrome wheels by removing them and storing them in a warm dry place for the winter.
    • Regular Cleaning. If using a spare set of wheels is not an option, make sure to keep your wheels clean by washing them after each time that they are caught in the snow. To do this, simply dissolve some car soap in a bucket of hot water and use this solution to clean the tires and rims. Use a gentle brush to scrub the places that cannot easily be reached by a water hose or sponge. Chrome cleaner may also be used in lieu of the car soap solution.
    • Hand Car Washes. Another great way to make sure that your chrome plating wheels get a thorough washing is to have them hand washed by a professional. A professional hand wash center can use higher water pressure which will keep your chrome wheels free of snow damage and shining all winter long.

    Do not let the harsh winter weather get the best of your chrome plating wheels and rims. Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of your chrome well beyond the cold winter months.

  • Storing Your Motorcycle and Motorcycle Chrome Plating for the Winter
    Most climates are too cold or wet during the winter for motorcycling. Knowing how to properly store your motorcycle for the long winter months will make it easier to get ready to ride again.
    Probably the first thing you should do with your motorcycle when preparing to store it would be to put it up on the center stand. Make sure that it is on a solid, level surface and is stable. This will take pressure from the tires and make inspecting and any repairs much easier.
    Once your motorcycle is on the stand, go over it from front to back and top to bottom. Make sure all nuts, bolts, hoses, cables and their sheaths, clamps and any chains/belts are tightened, in place and in good shape. You can either fix everything as you go or make a list of issues to take care of in your spare time over the course of the winter.
    After the inspection you should wash and wax your motorcycle to protect the paint through the winter. After the wash and wax make sure to protect all rubber, leather, seals and motorcycle chrome plating with a quality cleanser/sealant. Go over your chain and make sure it is in good shape and cleaned of debris then coat it with a good oil to keep it rust free through the winter.
    Don’t forget about the oil and fuel. The fuel should be drained or have a stabilizer added, and turn the petcock off. The oil and filter should be changed. Oil has a shelf life and will break down even when just sitting.
    Now remove the battery, store it in a warm place. Remove your plugs and put a few drops of lube in the cylinders. Now you are ready to cover your bike, this keeps out the elements and indoors will keep off the dust.
    Your bike is now safely stored until spring. When it is time take your motorcycle back out of storage you check it over, be sure the tires have not developed cracks and all the hoses and seals weathered the winter before riding.
  • How to Calibrate a Speedometer
    If you’re working on a project and have to calibrate a speedometer, this article by Jim Clark, the Hot Rod MD, will help you accurately calibrate it. Taking into consideration the factors that tend to weigh towards speedometer error, the calibration is often about a little higher to ensure that they don’t send a lower output than what the vehicle is traveling.
    According to Clark, one of the most important factors to ensure you take into consideration is the change in tire size or gear ratio when calibrating a speedometer. He gives the steps to calibrate a mechanical cable-driven and electronic speedometer.
    In addition to calibrating speedometers, you may need chrome plating service to give your car parts or bumpers a polished look. We also provide chrome plating restoration service.
  • Classic Components Party Pictures
    Following our Customer Appreciation Day we hosted on October 13, 2012, we have posted pictures on our chrome plating blog. It was a fun time with a live band, tacos, and lots of great customers sharing their favorite vehicles.
    Steve Reed brought his Suzuki Hayabusa that showcases our black chrome and show chrome. Another customer drove up in a Ford Roadster that is valued at over $200,000. Some of our chrome plating bicycle work was also featured on the restoration performed on 1930’s vintage bicycles.
    We always appreciate our customers and enjoy seeing the projects they’re restoring or creating. If you need chrome plating rims or service for your vehicles or motorcycle parts, check out our pictures and contact us.
  • How to Know When You Need Wheel Repair
    Not getting your wheels repaired is like keeping your hand over the hot stove even after you realize it’s hot. Your hand will get burned. In a recent Business Insider article, Jack Nerad, executive editorial director of Kelley Blue Book, was quoted saying the issue can cost you a lot of money.
    Letting your wheel alignment go can affect the wheels and more due to blowouts. Nerad also gives two easy ways to know whether you need to adjust the alignment for your wheels.
    When you notice poor handling and strange tread on the tires, it’s likely time for wheel repair.
  • 1956 F100 Custom Chrome Plating
    Local Classic Components customer, Bob Reinfried, brought his 1956 Ford F-100 show truck in for us to chrome. The custom chrome plating project involved chroming the wheels, grill and items under the hood.
    The Ford F-series truck, known as the best-selling vehicle in the US, was produced in 1948. The 1956 was part of the Second Series, introduced in 1953. The look of the second generation was created to feature a more integrated look. The 1956 F-100 had a body style that was produced during one year only.
  • How to Wash Your Motorcycle Chrome Plating Wheels?
    Have you been traveling this summer? Taking the bike out and enjoying the summer sun? Get rid of gunk and dust from summer motorcycle trips by washing your bike. From removing bugs to cleaning wheels, these tips from Basem Wasef on how to wash your motorcycle will help.
    We offer chrome plating on automotive and motorcycle wheels. We also offer a wheel exchange for motorcycle wheels we keep in stock. Remember that chrome plating wheels require specific cleaners to clean them with so make sure you pick up the right one.
  • How to Detail Your Chrome Plating Bumpers?
    Whether you have plastic or chrome plated car bumpers, this article by Detail Xperts gives you specific ways you can detail them. However, we recommend instead of using steel wool, to use Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish. Steel wool, even in 0000 grade, can still scratch bumpers if you’re not careful.
    At Classic Components, Inc. we provide chrome plating bumpers service and restoration for cars and trucks. Check out our page for the latest projects we’ve completed.
  • Going to Sturgis Buffalo Chip Motorcycle Rally?
    Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2012 will take place August 3 – August 11, known as the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling with its 31st consecutive annual concert series. Skid Row takes the stage on Friday, Aug. 10, 2012 with a double headline with Slash.
    If you’re entering the Badlands Victory Bike Show, Classic Components’ powder coated rims could be just the thing to take first place in one of the categories. We also powder coat auto and motorcycle parts.
  • Listing Your Auto or Motorcycle in an Event This Year?
    Hotrod Hotline and Biker Hotline have listed events for the entire year across the United States. If you’re looking for quality black chrome plating wheels, automobile and motorcycle parts, Classic Components shows you customers’ pleased results. The most recent black chrome plating we’ve completed was for a customer’s Honda.
  • Taking Care of Your Antique Car
    Owning one is thrilling. After you restore it to its original beauty, your classic car still needs maintenance. College Driver has 5 tips to help you ensure your dream car is properly cared for. These include choosing a restoration shop, maintaining the exterior and interior, storing, and taking pictures for tracking. If you’re looking for custom chrome plating, we can help restore your collectible.
  • How Safe Are After Market Motorcycle Parts?
    “I could probably go online and look at a catalogue and buy a variety of things that may put my motorcycle out of compliance,” said Peter terHorst, spokesman for the American Motorcyclist Association. In a recent investigation by The Washington Post, many after market motorcycle parts were found to be inferior and violated safety standards.At Classic Components, Inc., we inspect for pits and imperfections before chrome plating motorcycle parts.
  • Downtown Rods & Relics Lincoln Hills Car Show
    Enter your classic car in the Downtown Lincoln Car Show happening on June 2, 2012 to benefit the Gathering Inn, Ride to Walk, and Placer County SPCA. The show is open to all American vehicles 1972 and older with trophies and plaques awarded to winners. Need auto chrome restoration before entering your vehicle? Our multi-layer process achieves the highest quality chrome job possible for your project.
  • Potholed Streets Cause Havoc For Your Wheels
    In a recent Edmonton Journal article, drivers who speed, brake, and swerve on potholed roads are more likely to cause harm to their wheels. According to Ford of Canada, swerving can impact the front tire and wheel at an angle that delivers more damage than actually hitting the pothole. Ford continues to say that heavy braking forces the wheel into the pothole instead of going over it.If this has happened to you, our wheel repair specialist team can provide quality repair with welding, straightening, and general repair. Our technology is state-of-the-art and we offer dealer pricing.
  • Taking Powder Coated Rims to a New Level
    Powder coated rims are used when you want a particular color like red or blue on your rims. But, sometimes, powdercoat won’t provide the right look. That’s when we suggest paint applications to achieve specific colors and mask surfaces. We recently wrote a postwith pictures to show you the finished product.Powder coated rims, however, are a slick looking quality product. To see our latest collection of finished pieces, visit our powder coated rims page.
  • Get Ready For Ride For Kids
    This annual ride is unlike any other. Join hundreds of motorcyclists to help eliminate pediatric brain tumors. All riders welcome. This escorted ride starts at 10 am on May 6, 2012 in Los Angeles. Raise money to help a good cause. Find out more information on the Ride for Kidssite.If your motorcycle needs wheel repair, one of our highly trained wheel repair specialists can help you get your bike back in shape for riding.
  • The # 1 Reason To Get Powder Coating On Your Motorcycle
    Besides the range of colors you can get having a powder coating motorcycle, the 72nd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is coming up in August of this year. Are you ready? Gear up for breathtaking rides through the Badlands, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Devil’s Tower National Monument, and more just in time for spring.
  • Does Your Auto Have Chrome Plating Bumpers? Get Ready for UCI’s 14th Annual Car Show
    University of California Irvine is hosting their 14th annual car show in April. Ready to enter the show for awards in 23 categories? From Best of Show to Best Special Interest, polish your auto’s chrome plating bumpers or have them done by Classic Components to enter the competition.
  • Get Your Bike Ready For Spring With Our Motorcycle Chrome Plating Wheel Exchange
    With spring just around the corner, it’s time to polish your motorcycle and get ready to ride. To get your motorcycle ready, you can exchange factory wheels for motorcycle chrome plated ones. Classic Components, Inc. carries over 300 sets and recently received metric cruiser, Harley Davidson, and sport bike wheels.Don’t settle for standard wheels. Get motorcycle chrome plating sets with our chrome wheel exchange.
  • Custom Tattoo Styled Graphics Transform GSXR 750
    Clean and simple is alright for awhile, but when Paul Lippi found his GSXR 750 damaged in his garage right after having it customized, a new idea was born. According to the latest issue of Bling Rockets, the new idea included tattoo-style graphics and other customizations.Classic Components, Inc. lists their wheel exchange service alongside the article in Bling Rockets. Need chrome plated wheels for your motorcycle? We have them in stock and ready to go! There’s 2 ways to exchange your wheels for chrome plating wheels or black chrome.